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Who We Are, Our Milestones & Achievements!

Lolly Kitchen Affairs Limited is an indigenous Catering Services Company based in Lagos, Nigeria with over 32 years experience in the food services industry.

Over the years, we’ve successfully carved a niche in the industry for ourselves as a reliable Catering Services brand with a great reputation for quality service and products, unwavering integrity, and a die-hard commitment to excellence.

These values are reflected in every aspect of our business – from our flagship restaurants to the food products and services we often provide everyone of our clients and customers.

We are committed to offering excellent services and are intentionally set up to live up to such standards within the industry. Our identity and feedback from the long list of satisfied clients and customer we have served in the past is a true reflection of our commitments to our high standards.

Lolly Kitchen Affairs Story

Lolly Kitchen Affairs was founded in 1985 by Mrs Victoria T. Olotu as an indoor catering outfit and a food restaurant specializing in the preparation of various kind of indigenous snacks and local delicacies in her quest to support her family by running her own business instead of staying back home as a full housewife. She baked delicious cakes and other popular snack food products at the start and with the assistance of her eldest daughter and trainee apprentices ran a restaurant by the side that served as a popular joint for the several local folks and staff working in the growing number of corporate organizations and influx of educational institutions springing up within the Yaba area at the time.

As a result of the increased demands and growth of the business, her kids joined her in the business at various times and every one of them made various degrees of inputs to the growing business while learning the ropes. She ensured that they gained expertise by growing through the ranks working at various times as Company Drivers, Cooks, Service Boys, Marketing Officers, Book-keepers, General Managers and the likes.

As the years went by, we grew our expertise from an indoor catering outfit to become an outdoor catering outfit serving as the official caterers for several range of clients and corporate organizations in the process.

We’ve been official caterers for all kinds of events ranging from wedding ceremonies, end of year parties, corporate launching, birthday parties and many more. At several times Lolly Kitchen Affairs served as the official caterers and kitchen staff of some several schools both Boarding and Day Schools.

Today, Lolly Kitchen Affairs is a Limited Liability Company duly registered in 2013 and run by one of her daughters, Mrs. Olajumoke Pariola, who possess a strong passion in growing the family business into a lasting legacy. She completed her BSc Engineering degree program at the University of Lagos, Akoka and is ably accompanied by her siblings and a mighty team of passionate chefs and back room staff with a combined 70 years experience in the food business industry.

We’re blessed with an amazing team comprising of professional chefs, kitchen staff and expert cooks with renowned expertise in making several local and intercontinental dishes and delicacies for the awesome delight and utmost satisfaction of our patrons.

We are blessed with an amazing team of chef and employees who possess great expertise in preparing all kind of delicacies both local and intercontinental dishes such as Ofada, Jambalaya, Chinese fried rice, Basmatic, Jollof and many more!

Whatever your choice of menu, we will deliver. Just get in touch through the various channels available – Whatsapp – 08023976476 and our contact page on our website and we can discuss your needs.

Where We Are Headed!

Our vision is to work so hard to see that the Lolly Kitchen Affairs Limited brand becomes ranked amongst the top five leading indoor and outdoor catering services in Nigeria, and on the African continent at large.

How We Intend To Get There!

To be one of the leading catering firms that provide homemade healthy and tasty foods, while ensuring customer satisfaction based on our diverse menu and professional services.


Our core values are the guiding lights and principles that supports the Lolly Kitchen vision, shapes our culture and reflect our brand values. They are the essence of Lolly Kitchen Affairs’ identity – they represent our business principles, beliefs and philosophy of values and guide the way we do business.

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Consistency in All things
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Ensuring quality of food freshness, preparation, style, and delivery.
  • We strive to always be fair and maintain a high level of Integrity in all our business dealings
  • Prompt Delivery at all times
  • Making customer satisfaction the cornerstone of our service.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness towards delivery of our services
  • Safety in our Workplaces. The safety of our people, the environment, and property are our priorities as we do business.
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