Party food and chops

Party food and chops

Best party food , chops and dishes, some of them are pretty easy to replicate, and the rest would require a little more effort.

Okra Soup

Okra Soup Special for Licking

This Okra Soup recipe is the most concentrated Okra Soup ever. It is meant for only licking! Yes, we say you lick the soup when we “eat” just the soup. That means no need for a fufu meal. The soup is that conc, with lots of vitamins. This is best for those who want to… continue reading

Corporate Nigeria and their love for small chops

Spring Rolls and Samosa aka Small Chops originated from Asia but Nigerians have recently been bitten by the Small Chops bug and Corporate Nigeria is not left out. In the last few weeks, we have been handling a lot of orders from companies involved in training events and other form of launching projects at this time of… continue reading


Lolly Kitchen Affair’s Amiable Founder,Mrs Victoria Olotu turned 60 some few days back and we were so excited celebrating this milestone with her! We believe our sweet mother has another 60 great years ahead in leading the Lolly Kitchen Brand.

Craving for peppered snails – here’s how to prepare them!

Do you have a strong cravings for Peppered Snails? Well, you’re not alone, many Nigerians have grown to love it as we tend to get a lot of orders these days in our Menus from clients with cravings for Peppered Snails. Here’s a great article we got from this website – All Nigerian Recipes that shows anyone... continue reading