Frequently asked questions and answers

What Kind of Menus Are Available?

We are blessed with an amazing team of chef and employees who possess great expertise in preparing all kind of delicacies both local and intercontinental dishes such as Ofada, Jambalaya, Chinese fried rice, Basmatic, Jollof and many more!

Whatever your choice of menu, we will deliver. Just get in touch through the various channels available – Whatsapp – 08023976476 and our contact page on our website and we can discuss your needs.

When do I pay for my orders?

Depending on the timeline of your event, size of the job and what it shall cost us to cater for your events or occasions, you’ll have to pay us at least 75% of your event at least 2-3 weeks before your events and we’ll receive the balance at least 2-3 days after we have rendered the services.

What Other Services Can We Get With Lolly Kitchen?

At Lolly Kitchen Affairs, we’re expert caterers who cater for both corporate bodies and individuals. We can cater for all kind of social events which includes weddings, naming ceremonies, birthday parties, office launching and opening ceremonies, end of year parties, Customer appreciation events and many more. We can also run your food canteens. Check out

Can Lolly Kitchen Affairs Cater For Events Outside Lagos?

Yes, at Lolly Kitchen Affairs we have the required experience to effectively handle and cater for all your feeding needs for any kind of event held anywhere within and outside the country.

We have successfully handled events in every region in this country and served the high and mighty and received several accolades for our services in the process. Your event regardless of the location and demands will not be an exception with the Lolly Kitchen Experience.

Just one trial with us and you’ll become one of our raving fans. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed and distance or the location is no barrier to the Lolly Kitchen Experience. We have the manpower and experience to deliver every time!